Bizarre Martial Arts is the only phrase we could think of to describe some of the strangest martial arts performances and demos we've ever seen. Drawing from an extensive catalogue of footage from instructional videos, demonstrations, TV appearances, even adult films, we've gathered some of the most rare sequences out there for your perusal. Whether they're high-level masters or walking disasters is up to you to decide, but in either case, you won't want to miss this! [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S4:E3)

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Cross-Cultural Martial Arts In a world that technology is making smaller every day, there still exist vast distances between people socio-culturally. This week, MAV takes a look at two instances of the varied cultural significance of martial arts practice, one drawn from a young Arab-Israeli girl's struggle to become an international karate champion despite the pressures of family and society, the other a look at the fierce and brutal tradition of Africa's Musangwe Fight Clubs. [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S4:E7)

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From The Archives Vol. 2 New York City in the 1970s bred some of the most brilliant fighters the world has ever seen. In this action-packed episode, we take a look at some seldom-seen footage of some of the most influencial martial artists of that time. From Little John Davis to Ron Van Clief, William Oliver to Charles Martin, you'll see some of the greatest demos and matches from an era many consider to be a golden age of martial arts. A mixture of brutality and nostaglia you won't soon forget. [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S4:E8)

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The Best of the Worst in Martial Arts Films They say a classic is infinitely patient of time. If that's true well, hold on to your hats for a new kind of classic: the bad martial arts film! This week, we go into our back catalog of films for an hysterical look at some of the most abysmally misconceived martial arts movies you're ever likely to see. So pull up a chair for some of the funniest, most cringe-inducing fare you've seen in a while! [Preview Episode] [View Episode] (S4:E9)

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Martial Arts-By The Book The martial arts training manual. What secrets does it hold? For centuries, what the masters recorded for their disciples has shaped our understanding of what martial techniques and advice were considered important enough to be preserved for posterity. This week, we'll take a look at the history and development of the martial arts training manual, from its ancient beginnings to its more modern iterations, with an eye toward understanding the role it has played in shaping the combat arts as a whole in different eras [Preview Episode] [View Episode](S4:E10)

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