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Join hosts Jim Leporati and Lynette Calabrese as they explore the world of martial arts every week on Martial Arts View!

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1. In Memoriam We here at Martial Arts View all mourn the loss of our good friend and brother martial artist Joseph Aranha who passed away in Queens, NY recently. Joe was an accomplished researcher and scholar as well as a master of classical yoga and the ancient Indian art of Kalaripayatt. Our deepest condolences go out to his family. The loss of such a unique individual diminishes us all. He will be deeply missed. Thanks Joe!


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MARTIAL ARTS VIEW can be seen Saturdays at 9:30 AM EST on Channel 68 (Cablevision) or Channel 79 (Time Warner) in Brooklyn, RCN 83 in Manhattan and Verizon Fios 43 in all five boroughs or worldwide via live web simulcast (Ch. 2)

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In Search of Historical Ninjutsu, Pt. 1 The Ninja may be the most recognizable figure in the martial arts. Yet just how much is really known about this mysterious martial icon? This week, we'll go in search of historical ninjutsu with special guests Antony Cummins and James Loriega, two experts who will help to separate fact from fiction concerning who the ninja were and what their role was in ancient society. [Preview Episode]


In Search of Historical Ninjutsu, Pt.2 Do ninja still exist in the modern world? In the second installment of our investigation into the ninja phenomenon, we'll take a look at modern ninjutsu and trace the ninja brand's influence on everything from advertising and film to criminal activity. Featuring James Loriega and Antony Cummins. [Preview Episode]


Kalaripayatt is India's indigenous fighting tradition, yet it is seldom seen outside the kalaris, or martial training halls, of its native land. Now, for the first time in America, authentic kalaripayatt has been captured on film exclusively for Martial Arts View! Join us as we witness Gurukkal Govindan Kutty Nair Sathya Narayanan and members of the C.V.N. Kalari perform this breathtaking and spectacularly deadly art live. You won't see this anywhere else![Preview Episode]

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